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The Spirit of Texas by Winston Menzies…


The Spirit of Texas is the historical family insight of one state’s reflection of American Exceptionalism. Raw, rugged men and women of noble character building a nation from grit, courage, and compassion. A free, industrious people, unyielding to defeat and seeing their cut of cloth as identical to our Framers, who were independent, self-reliant, and God-fearing. The Texas spirit is still alive today, and that Lone Star still carries the weight of fifty, not bowing to perverse ideology, but acknowledging the laws of nature and nature’s Creator. That spirit still stands today as a beacon of light in our schools, churches, centers of commerce, and government for a whole nation to draw upon.

John Sauers, Tea Party Founder
Loganville, Georgia


The Spirit of Texas, written by his great-grandson, Winston Menzies, records how William and Letha Ann survived against all manner of trials, prospered, and raised eight children on a remote Texas ranch by the San Saba River. They succeeded by their faith in God, hard work, and dedication to family and to one another. The Menzies’ story is an intriguing, adventuresome reminder of the pioneering spirit that made rural Texas so unique. It is also an admonition of how we have abandoned so much of what made this nation possible. As the author observes in his epilogue, “If we lose the history of where we came from, we certainly won’t know where we are going. God help us to at least leave it the way we found it and, hopefully, by His grace, make it even a little better.”

Forrest M. Mims III, The Country Scientist


Bravo! The Spirit of Texas tells the truth about the real Texas and the people who first settled it. Being raised in this ranching territory as a descendant of ranching families, I can testify that this is a genuine story of a west Texas pioneer family that managed to succeed in spite of many hardships. Through these difficulties and their love for the Lord they became stronger. The spirit of Texas is still alive and well today in this great state because of our ancestors’ true grit and independent spirit.

Lee Weddell Puckitt
Immediate Past President
Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association